Cherry Hill

Main Street Fine Homes President Paul Szkotak says this house was “pure 1950s,” but done by a “good quality builder.” Because it was so well-built, Main Street Fine Homes was able to reconfigure the floor plan to meet the needs of a modern family.

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Szkotak says the house was like a “block of granite to a sculptor. We were able to remove some things to bring out the statue – or in this case, a modern family home.”

Main Street Fine Homes change a few walls to make the den more usable, and opened up the kitchen to the dining room to provide a more open plan style.

But Szkotak really is proud of the backyard. “It was completely overun,” says Szkotak, “a wilderness, and we were able to make it into a beautiful yard.” He says Main Street put down blue pebbles where a patio could go. “Homeowners can keep it as it is — more environmentally friendly — or add pavers. The blue pebbles make it that much easier to add the pavers,” says Szkotak.