It had that elusive trait – lots of character, but man it needed work! Kevin Camperson has memories of a “Norman Rockwell” childhood growing up in Haddonfield in the 60s. And although Kevin and his siblings had “no delusions of grandeur” when they sold the family home, Main Street Fine Homes honored their memories. Today, a new family is creating memories in this idyllic home.

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Kevin’s Story…

My parents bought our family home in Haddonfield at the end of the summer in 1961; we moved in late in the evening on September 1st. I remember, because it was my birthday.

When my mom passed away in 1994, she left the home to my brother, but it’s a big house and too big for one person. In 2012, my brothers, sister and I pitched in to prepare to sell the family homestead.

We had no delusions of grandeur, we knew the house needed work – and a little more than TLC. But after we cleared everything out and prepared for settlement, we knew it had excellent “bones” and tremendous potential – six bedrooms, two baths, wrap-around porch. It had that elusive trait – lots of character, but man it needed a lot of work!

We grew up there – four children – Haddonfield was like something out of Norman Rockwell. Our home was a great house filled with love and memories, but it needed to be rescued – and Main Street Fine Homes came to the rescue.

After Main Street Fine Homes completed the renovations, we were invited to walk through before the new owners moved in. Walking through – it was gorgeous! Everything was high quality, it was beautiful and, most important, the house retained its character – built-ins in the dining room, the cantilevered outcrop window with the bench, the lovely landing on the stairs.

The couple who bought the house are getting a great place in a great neighborhood. The house still has the warmth we remember. It was a very cool experience to see how Main Street Fine Homes transformed our family home.

There are people – families – who need this type of experience when they’re selling a family home. You can’t put a value on their experience in a much-loved home, but you want a realistic opinion about what it’s worth – you need someone to come in and make it work. Paul did that and more.