West Deptford

The story of this house involved an older person who could no longer take care of the home and a family that needed to sell quickly. The house was in serious disrepair, but located in such a charming neighborhood…convenient to the highway, but distant enough to avoid the noise. It’s a Main Street Fine Homes favorite!

WestDeptford_kitchen2012_1411_Lafayette_Ave._foyer 2012_1411_Lafayette_Ave._bathroom





Renovations were more than cosmetic. Main Street Fine Homes worked with architects and engineers to correct problems and turn this two-bedroom house into a four-bedroom, two-bath home, while keeping true to the original style. We’re proud we could make that happen.

Did you know that a hardwood floor covered by an area rug oxidizes at a different rate than if it’s uncovered? We had to think creatively to ensure the wood matched throughout the room — so we used two different stains. Turned out beautiful!